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Agencies in the partner network

Do you already run an escort agency in your region? Do you have relevant experience in the business? Do you have a file with at least 10 active, available and reliable escort models, whom you know personally? Do you want to extend your business? Then join the ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL partner network.

Advantages for agencies

  • • More turnover, due to new, international clients that are provided by the partner network.
  • • First-class clients: ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL serves long-term, first-class clients who appreciate quality, reliability and strict discretion.
  • • You get prepared, prepaid or paid assignments.
  • • Access to one of the largest escort model databases in the world.
  • • International on-line payment per credit card.
  • • Use of partner network advertising material and logos.
  • • International call centre acquires and serves new clients. Telephonic inquiries are directly routed to the network call centre and are prepared there up to contact level.
  • • Automated online database system for maintaining your models.
  • • Area protection: Only one partner agency is authorised per city (area).
  • • Participation in international and regional marketing campaigns.
  • • Professional brochures and other advertising material.
  • • Participate in the contacts and agreements with international companies and organisations such as event managers, travel agencies and hotel chains.
  • • Model acquisition: In your area, you can book independent models, who are registered with the network.
  • • Price stability: All network prices are internationally stable. ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL stands for quality that is appreciated by the client.
  • • Your existing business remains unchanged. You run your local agency as before.
  • • An online call centre is in preparation. Each internet user will shortly have access to an online call centre that processes requests 24 hours a day and/ 7 days a week.
  • • No joining fees, running fees or other “hidden” costs. If your profile fits our partner network, you get online access to our partner account, you enter your models and we can start. ESCORT PROFESSIONAL only earns money from orders actually booked. The commission is regionally and individually negotiated with you.
  • Applications by agencies

    Please use the online form to apply as an agency. .
    Please note that authorisation may take up to 6 weeks, due to numerous requests from agencies all over the world. We apologise for the inconvenience.


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