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Cooperation contract

The ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL network is intended to provide additional business for existing escort agencies and escort models. The agencies of the ESCORT PROFESSIONAL network conclude this cooperation contract based on the principles specified and accept these principles.
The booking of orders through the network can only be performed after concluding the cooperation contract. The current escort business of the cooperation partner is not affected by the membership. No changes with regard to business equipment, location or existing business processes are required. The cooperation contract independently regulates the use of the ESCORT PROFESSIONAL licence such as the use of the logo and other advertising material. No licence fee, fee for using the online system or other fee is charged. Participation in regional or supra-regional advertising measures of the network is always voluntary.

Agencies in the partner network

ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL guarantees its clients the highest quality standard in the market. All members of the network therefore agree to guarantee this standard as well. You should accept this standard to become a member of the network. Experience shows that quality always wins. More than 1000 bookings per week are a convincing argument!

Authenticity of the model

One of the biggest problems of clients who use online services is the authenticity of the offers shown. It is common in the escort business to show models that do not exist in real life or to use excessive image manipulation. The client selects the model online, but the model he meets is completely different to the person shown on the Internet. The models may be identical, but the pictures may be a few years old or the model has completely changed style in the meantime. This is not the case with ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL. All members of the network guarantee 100% authenticity of the models. "What you see is what you get." It makes no sense to show fake photos. Experience from thousands of bookings shows that so-called "flawless top models" are actually not so much in demand. Many “normal”, attractive and, in particular, likeable models are booked much more often.

Availability of the model

The final booking of the model is preceded by a very costly, sensitive and complex consulting and sales process. Partners of ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL therefore only offer models with high availability and reliability.
The partner agencies agree to be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by telephone or e-mail.

Quality of the model

ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL only lists and books attractive and experienced models. The partners in the network know all models PERSONALLY and guarantee their quality. The partners further GUARANTEE that no model under the age of 18, or in some countries 21 years, is booked. The partners must personally ensure that the model is of age. ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL reserves the right to refuse any model placement.

Quality of the agency

ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL mainly serves clients of a very high level. The partners of the network are familiar with this type of client, behave appropriately and are service-oriented, extremely polite, solution-oriented and helpful. The focus is on the client and his requirements. The staff members of ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL are trained and know how to satisfy the requirements of the client.

Current database

As a member of the network, you have direct access to the ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL model database, where you can also list your models, so that they can be offered worldwide. You are responsible for the currency of the entries and the maximum availability of the models. Models that are no longer booked must immediately be removed from the database.

Discretion and client protection

All members of the network operate in a cooperative manner. All client data are treated with a high degree of confidentiality. Telephone numbers of clients are not stored. Clients are only called back when they EXPLICITLY request this. All partners agree not to contact any of the clients referred to them by ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL, neither directly nor after a booking by telephone, e-mail or in any other way. Any contact with clients after the completion of the booked assignment must be handled exclusively through ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL.

Price stability

The prices for the services offered are calculated to ensure the high quality standard of ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL. All negotiations with the clients are exclusively handled by ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL. The resulting prices may differ, depending on the region, the offer and the client. The agencies assure ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL that they will not enter into any price negotiations with the clients booked through the network. This applies for the time of the assignment as well as for later.

Protection of the models and their personal rights

The protection of the models and their personal rights has highest priority for ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL. No data, in particular photos, are published without the written agreement of the model. As soon as a model no longer wants to be listed, the data must immediately be removed. The partner guarantees that he has a written approval by the model when he places a model listing.
No poaching of models or clients
The code of honour of business persons requires that no poaching from business partners is attempted. This concerns clients of the network and of other agencies as well as models of the network and of partner agencies. This rule has nevertheless been stated here, to be on the safe side. Its violation leads to immediate exclusion from the network.

No prostitution

ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL does not engage in, support or promote prostitution. ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL only books contacts with the purpose of providing company without any sexual offers or services. Models are also booked by photographers for erotic and non-erotic photographs, for film shots and as hostesses for fairs and other events. The partners also do not place or book any offers that can be classified as prostitution or other illegal activities.

Cancellation of the cooperation agreement

The contract is concluded for one year and can be cancelled at any time by either party with a cancellation period of one month. The contract must be actively extended in writing before the year expires. After expiry of the contract without extension or after extraordinary cancellation, the partner may no longer use trademarks, logos, advertising materials, addresses and any other material received by ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL. All confidentiality agreements, in particular concerning client information, remain unaffected when the contract is cancelled or not extended.

Place of jurisdiction

It is agreed that the place of jurisdiction for all disputes is to be the registered address of the defending party.

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