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Questions and answers for agencies and models

We have compiled a few typical questions and answers in connection with network partnership. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please use the contact form.

When are partners charged with the admission fees or the running costs of the partnership?
There are no joining fees or other ongoing costs. ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL only charges commission or surcharges for orders actually booked and paid.

How much commission does ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL charge?
The commission is individually negotiated. Normally, you retain your usual prices and ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL calculates a surcharge for its services. However, the agreements for different regions may differ significantly.

How is payment handled, how do I receive my fee?
ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL always charges a down-payment that the client has to pay when he books. This is usually the amount of commission that is due to the network. The remainder is paid locally to you by the client, in cash and before the order is carried out. It sometimes happens that clients pay the whole amount in advance, so that they do not have to pay in cash at a later stage. In this event, we will credit your account and pay when the order has been carried out. The payments are usually made on a weekly basis via PayPal.

What happens when the client spontaneously extends the assignment?
That happens frequently, in particular with hourly bookings. Negotiations concerning an extension must also be handled through ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL. The difference in the amount has to be paid to ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL or is retained by you and accounted for at a later stage. We trust our partners in such cases.

Does ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL also book my models in other countries? Who pays the travelling costs?
We will book your models internationally, where this is legally possible (residence permit, travel regulations, visa requirements). If your model is interested and if there are no legal obstacles, set the marker "International" in the model profile.

Is there a risk that other agencies poach my models?
Agencies as well as models do not communicate directly with each other to ensure discretion. Any communication is handled through the network. Contact is only established when a partner agency, for example from another country, books one of its own models for its own client. These bookings are also always handled via the network.

Can agencies that are not partners also book models on the network?
No. Only authorised partner agencies have access to the model database and can book models on the network.

What happens when a model leaves my agency and applies directly to ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL?
We will not book the model if we know that he or she is still working in your area.

What happens when a client has made a down-payment to ESCORT PROFESSIONAL but does not make use of the assignment?
ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL has high administration costs, due to the quality of its services. We can therefore not refund such down-payments and retain the amounts without compensation.

What happens when a model is not available for an appointment, e.g. due to illness?
The client is immediately contacted and we try jointly to find an alternative. If the client does not agree to an alternative, his whole payment or down-payment is refunded.

What happens with models who miss an appointment without an excuse?
Models who miss an appointment without apology are excluded from any further booking. The costs of the booking are charged to the model. The payment of the client is obviously refunded.

Is there a public list of the partner agencies of the network?
We do not run a franchise system and such a list is therefore not published. We do not list our partners to ensure discretion. ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL always acts as a single unit and the entire communication is handed through the central system.

Can clients contact the listed models directly? How are my models protected?
No. Direct contact is not possible. All models remain anonymous until the time of the assignment. Only photos and information concerning the person are authentic.

Is there a list of the cooperation partners of ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL?
Also this list is not published to ensure discretion. We have agreed to strict confidentiality in our appropriate agreements with hotel chains, agencies, car rental companies, etc. It is obvious that we cannot and will not use these brands for advertising.

How do I get to know of new assignments?
The ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL centre will contact you directly in the event of requests. We usually communicate via e-mail and with online forms where long-term assignments and requests are concerned. The online system of the network is continuously growing and its functionality is regularly extended.

According to which criteria are assignments booked at partner agencies?
There are no criteria, except the location and the requested model. We ensure territorial protection for all partner agencies, so there can be no problems. If a model is requested in your town or area, we will relay the offers to you.

How long does the booking process take?
Times vary greatly. Some clients book weeks in advance, others look for an escort for the same day or evening. Usually, bookings are made 24 hours in advance.

I would like to start an escort agency. How can ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL help me to do that?
ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL offers many support options, including a complete, ready internet presence (we have already bought or reserved domains with content), advertising material, brochures and training of staff members and models. However, it will be particularly the brand “ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL” and the associated know-how that will help you on your way to a successful agency.

What does it cost to start an agency?
There are large regional differences. It also depends on how fast you want to and can grow. ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL offers founders of new companies a favourable starter package at cost price, which includes advertising material, templates for advertisements and internet advertising. In addition, you receive the "Escort Success Guide", which provides you with many hints and guidelines.

How do I acquire my first client?
There are several approaches and ESCORT PROFESSIONAL will help you. You receive support for your regional and international marketing campaigns.

The alternative: Affiliate programme
If you do not want to handle bookings but operate an interesting and topical website, you can register as an affiliate partner. You receive a very attractive commission for each booked assignment that was referred through a link from your website. This is the way to affiliate partner registration .

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