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Advantages for partner

Members of the partner network have a variety of advantages. All members work in cooperation and jointly use the advantages of international presence and acceptance. As a partner, you may use the ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL logo and additional advertising material. You will also have access to a large escort database that ensures correct identity, currency and high levels of availability. As a partner of the network, you have the option of starting international activities within a day.

Client newsletter

Every month, ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL sends a subscribed newsletter, currently to about 25 000 clients and partners worldwide. News concerning the group, new sites (partner agencies of the network) and new models are provided. Each newsletter contains a travel or weekend packet offer to a special destination with company. If you are located in an interesting, tourism-relevant location, we can jointly develop some packets that we will market.

Genuine VIP escorts on offer

Many web pages of online escort agencies offer "VIP escorts”. How many of these “agencies” do you think, really serve VIPs? At ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL, real VIPs are booking every day. Our cooperation agreements with international hotel chains, concert organisers, sports and convention managers ensure that VIPs book directly or also indirectly at ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL. A special VIP department takes care of the most unusual wishes. Also in this very delicate area of business, which is very sensitive to every error, we naturally maintain close cooperation with our partner agencies.

The partner concept

Members of the partner network remain independent. You continue to run your local business as usual. In addition, ESCORT INTERNATIONAL books assignments with you that result from international campaigns and from existing clients of the network.
ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL does not charge joining fees, running fees or other “hidden” costs. If your profile fits our partner network, you receive online access to our partner account, you enter your models and we can start. ESCORT PROFESSIONAL only earns money from assignments actually booked. The commission is regionally and individually negotiated with you.

Inform yourself, become a member of ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL now and enjoy the benefits. ESCORTS PROFESSIONAL is no franchise system, and there are no adhesion contracts or other complicated conditions. We agree on a partnership for at time. If it works, we stay together. If it does not, we part company.

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